Redcar Athletic FC

Northern League

Division Two

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Redcar vs Durham 3 10 20.jpg

vs Durham City

October 3rd 2020

Northern League Division Two

Redcar vs West Allotment 26 9 20.jpg

vs West Allotment Celtic

September 26th 2020

Northern League Division Two

COV Redcar vs Newc Uni 12 9 20.jpg

vs Newcastle University

September 12th 2020

Northern League Division Two

Cover Redcar vs Birtley 23 9 20.jpg

vs Birtley Town

September 23rd 2020

Northern League Division Two

Cover Redcar vs SWE 16 9 20.jpg

vs Sunderland West End

September 16th 2020

Northern League Division Two

Redcar vs Esh Winning 9 9 20 COVER.jpg

vs Esh Winning

September 9th 2020

Northern League Division Two


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